Chris Botten

The Wool over our Eyes

The Wool over our Eyes. Councillors must provide the right level of challenge to and scrutiny of the activities of the Council’s administration, and in order to do that they have to work hard to dig beneath the surface to find the true facts. That is much harder than might be imagined. There are some […]

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More Planning, more grief for families with learning disabled children, thoughts on hedges, the August lull and more.

The Tandridge Local Plan proposal for a Garden Village is out to consultation. Residents can comment on location and other factors. I have spoken and written about this before so will confine my remarks to a broader picture. The mad plan to build next to Chaldon is gone, thank goodness. The local Residents’ Group on […]

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This could make you weep! Cutting Housing Related Support and other nightmares.

I am beginning to understand a little bit more about the potential impact of the cuts proposed to Housing Related Support funding. The worst impact could be felt by vulnerable people who would struggle to engage with services without support- those might be people in rented accommodation with mental health or other health problems, who […]

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More on the Beeches, cuts for very vulnerable people, and the Tandridge Local Plan etc!

Episode Three. This has been a very busy time. The Beeches will close and half of the parents who use the service have not yet found an adequate replacement package. (The Beeches provides over-night respite care for parents and children with severe disabilities in Reigate.) In preparation for the County Council meeting next week and […]

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