Reports from the Local Politics Front Line

Surrey County Councillor, Chris Botten provides information about local politics and what is going on at Surrey County Council. Chris uses this website to keep his constituents informed about situations and events, and in particular, his own involvement in these.

Chris will post mostly weekly updates on his work on behalf of his constituents, as a County and District Councillor. He will describe the processes and possible frustrations associated with getting things done while in opposition, and also share the key issues on which he will be fighting. He hopes residents will find it helpful and informative. It will rarely be party political, but if it is, it will be obvious why.

After twenty years as a Tandridge District Councillor and thirteen as a Parish Councillor Chris is now one of the 81 County Councillors.

He’s in opposition, as he has been for most of that time; there are 61 Conservatives at County, so Chris will bechallenging, bringing a different perspective and trying to make things fairer. He has led the Opposition at Tandridge for a number of years.

This could make you weep! Cutting Housing Related Support and other nightmares.

I am beginning to understand a little bit more about the potential impact of the cuts proposed to Housing Related Support funding. The worst impact could be felt by vulnerable people who would struggle to engage with services without support- those might be people in rented accommodation with mental health or other health problems, who […]

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More on the Beeches, cuts for very vulnerable people, and the Tandridge Local Plan etc!

Episode Three. This has been a very busy time. The Beeches will close and half of the parents who use the service have not yet found an adequate replacement package. (The Beeches provides over-night respite care for parents and children with severe disabilities in Reigate.) In preparation for the County Council meeting next week and […]

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